Late Start, But Still a Start!

Hello everyone! So I spontaneously started a blog about my exchange experience today because I’m not in the mood to brainstorm for my paper (ironically, blogs require writing). I feel like I should have started this blog before I left for my exchange to England instead of 15 days before I head back to Canada. It’s a late start to documenting my travel journeys, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Let me give you a basic rundown about my current situation:

I am currently on exchange in England for one school term (3 months). I’ve been here since October 2014 and will be back mid-December. I will have a hard time saying goodbye to England and all the friends I made here. Being on exchange has helped me learn more about myself and my capabilities, experience new things that I wouldn’t normally do, and has allowed me to gain new perspectives of different parts of the world. Up until this point, I’ve only travelled within Canada and the west side of the United States. Being able to experience European countries that operate differently than what I’m used to has been an eye opener to both the good (eg. the efficient metro system) and the bad (eg. overt racism) differences between North America and Europe. My exchange isn’t over yet, but I can confidently say that taking this opportunity to study, live and embed myself into a new culture and country was worth every sweat and tear I had to face to get here.

I will document my trips and other things in new posts. Too many things have happened in the past 2.5 months, so look forward to reading those reflection posts in the future 🙂


Just me chilling at Camden Market in London, England! Aren’t those seats cool?


2 thoughts on “Late Start, But Still a Start!

  1. Marie @ Marie Away December 24, 2014 / 4:22 am

    I think you are doing pretty well! It took me over a year of living abroad before starting my travel blog. At this point, you will have lots of stories to tell and can build up your travel-writing habits before your next adventure. Cheers!


    • Allison December 24, 2014 / 5:52 am

      Thanks! Even though I’ve just returned home, I’m excited to travel some more whenever I get the chance!


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